Industry Applications

30 May 16 Application examples of our captor products
In the following you will find some additional application examples of our captor products. Please make your choice and click. flow-captorMonitoring the flow of lubricant Monitoring of pressurized oil bearings Read MoreVent-captor is typic...Read On >
10 Oct 13 Hot Billet Cutting
One great use of Fotocaptors is in the rolling mill for automatically cutting the stock to length....Read On >
10 Oct 13 Flow Sensor Rules of Thumb
All of our flow sensors measure the velocity across the tip of the sensor. ToDo: Pipe upstream and downstream diagramsToDo: 1/7th rule diagram for turbulent and laminar flowsToDo: Link to hot-tapping. ...Read On >
10 Oct 13 Probe Materials
The Flow Captors come in various probe materials for use in different environments; here is a list of common environments and their preferred materials.Read Mor...Read On >