Flow-captor 412X.1XM

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flow-monitor in a rugged stainless steel version (full encapsulation)
for liquids (transistor output, VDC)

4120.1xMwater-based liquids
4121.1xMoil-based liquids

Other media on request

Electrical output: transistor output
Supply voltages: 18-30 VDC, 10.5-36 VDC, 19-72 VDC
Operating principle: calorimetric (thermal)

Measuring range: 

0-20 cm/s up to 0-300 cm/s (water)
0-30 cm/s up to 0-300 cm/s (oil)
fully adjustable

Protection class: IP67
Options: probe lengths, wetted materials, high temperature
Pipe connections: 1/4 or 1/2 "BSP also NPT equivalent

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