flow-captor 4120.1x Tri-Clamp®

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flow-switch for water-based solutions in the food industry

4120.13A S113/xx S110/xx - sensor head for TRI-CLAMP® system
4120.13A S114/xx S110/xx - high temperature version
                                              sensor head for TRI-CLAMP
® system


Operating principle: calorimetric (thermal)
Measuring range: from 0 - 20 cm/s to 0 - 300 cm/s, continuously adjustable
Pressure: up to 100 bar
Medium temperature: up to +130 °C (266 °F)
Diameters of the lid: 50.5 or 64.0 mm
Sensor head lengths: 47.5 or 67.0 mm
Supply voltage: 18 - 30 V DC
Options: also for oilbased media available

Data sheet 4120.1xA S114/xx S110/xx
Data sheet 4120.1xMA S113/xx S110/xx
Instruction manual 

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