Flow-Captor 4320 Remote

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Inline flow-switch for liquid media as a remote system

4320/xx + 4020.1x S200 - for water-based media
4320/xx + 4021.1x S200 - for oil-based media

Other media on request.

Remote electronics & sensors for specialist applications.

Operating principle: calorimetric (thermal)
Options: wetted materials, high temperature version 
Pipe diameters: 6 - 18 mm
Supply voltage: 18 - 30 VDC standard (other options on request)

Measuring range: fully adjustable
0-20 cm/s to 0-300 cm/s (related on water)
0-30 cm/s to 0-300 cm/s (depends on the type of oil)
The measuring range of the oil version for pipe size 6 mm is 0-30 cm/s to 0-200 cm/s.

Data sheet 4320/xx+4020.1x S200
Data sheet 4320/xx+4021.1x S200

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