flow-captor 4120A remote system

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flow switch for liquid media with extended sensor (remote system)

4120A S100 S110/xx + 4020.1x S100
for water-based media  

4120A S100 S110/xx + 4021.1x S100
for oil-based media 

Medium temperature: up to max. 140 °C / 284 °F (S100)

Sensor: extended version, 20 - 90 mm (S110/xx)

Operating principle: calorimetric

Measuring range: 

0-20 cm/s bis 0-300 cm/s (water)
0-30 cm/s bis 0-300 cm/s (oil),
continuously adjustable

Operating voltage: 18 - 30 VDC

Data sheet:

4120 S100 S110/xx + 402x.1x S100

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