flow-captor 412x.4xM

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flow-monitor in a rugged stainless steel housing (full encapsulation)
for liquids (relay or optocoupler output, VDC)

4120.4xM - for water-based media
4121.4xM - for oil-based media

Electrical output:
412x.40/.41M   relay output
412x.42/.43M   optocoupler output

Supply voltage: 18 - 30 VDC
Operating principle: calorimetric (thermal)
Protection class: IP67

Measuring range:
0 - 20 cm/s up to 0 - 300 cm/s (water)
0 - 30 cm/s up to 0 - 300 cm/s (oil)
continuously adjustable

412x.40/.41M S140 (Brad-Harrison-plug)
412x.40/.41M S141 (Binder-plug)
412x.40/.41M S125 (sensorhead with special "Reppel" coating - antistick)
412x.40/.41M S150 (relay for 250 VDC / 280 mA)

Data sheet 412x.40/.41M
Data sheet 412x.40/.41M S140
Data sheet 412x.40/.41M S141
Data sheet 412x.40./41M S125
Data sheet 412x.42/.43M
Instruction manual 412x.4xM

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